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Thread: Emergency Medical Service in Belgium

Created on: 06/06/18 11:22 PM

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Emergency Medical Service in Belgium
06/06/18 11:22 PM


My elderly mother will be traveling with several people to Brussels as part of a bigger trip in Europe.We have, mostly, taken care of the other things but, reading one post in TA, made me think of the medical services for her in case of emergency.
How does the emergency medical service work in Brussels? Is it provided for everyone regardless of having insurance or ability to pay cash upfront? How much does it cost for non-urgent cases if you need to go to an emergency room in the hospital? What do you suggest for non-emergency cases, a clinic or hospital emergency room? Do you suggest buying any medical insurance in Brussels for foreigners for short stays and, if yes, where to get it and what's the cost for less than a week? People in the group have different kind of medical insurances from different countries, including US Medicare, and my understanding is that these insurances probably pay for medical emergency services abroad, but am not sure how good they are or under what specific conditions they would reimburse for emergency care so would like very much to have a plan B on knowing the options available in Brussels as well.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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