Hepatities A and B Vaccine


Inactivated virus, recombinant viral DNA


2 phenoxyethanol

Pregnancy risk:


Breast-feeding risk:


Recommended for:

All travelers to developing nations, particularly if staying > 4 weeks, plan to receive medical/dental care or tattoos or engage in unprotected sex


Allergy to previous dose

Allergy to 2phenoxyethanol

Current moderate-severe illness

Side effects:

Pain at injection site and mild flu like symptoms


Amount:1.0 ml (cc) for each injection
Route: Intramuscular injection in the shoulder
Number of doses:3 injections
Schedule:1st dose – day 0, 2nd dose – 1 month,
3rd dose – 6 months


Ideally vaccine series should be completed 6 months prior to travel, some protection is acquired with 1st and 2nd dose.If in a hurry, an accelerated schedule is available as follows

Doses on days 0,7,21 days and then in 1 year (not FDA approved)

Twinrix can be taken with other vaccines, antibiotics and immune globulin products

Follow safe food and water precautions

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